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- Shipping is STANDARD, unless you purchase tracked/express specifically.
- Shipping times apply ONLY AFTER the product has been processed and shipped. 
- Make sure that your address is correct.
- Make sure you understand all options, descriptions, and terms. There are pictures of the prosthetics so you can check the tones and sizes. Tones may vary due to different pigment batches from the pigments suppliers. 
- Shipping within the UK - is FREE and ships 2nd Class via Royal Mail.
- Refunds can be done in full MINUS SHIPPING COSTS. When you buy a product from this shop, you AGREE TO THIS and all other terms and conditions. 
- SUPER IMPORTANT! ----- Encapsulated silicone prosthetics are meant to be used straight away - not to be stored! If you store them for a very long period of time, the silicone will lose its elasticity and the cap plastic will harden.


-----Estimated Standard Shipping Times AFTER PROCESSING TIMES-----
UK: 4-5 working days (free, 2nd class)
International: 10-14 working day
International Tracked: 7-10 working days


- Encapsulated unpainted silicone prosthetics, in a cap plastic that needs to be dissolved with 99% Isopropyl alcohol (IPA).
- NOT reusable precisely because you'll need to dissolve the edges to blend them, and get professional results!
- You will need to match the colours of the prosthetic and your skin tones (even when pre-painted!).
- Easy to glue, use Pros-Aid or any other glue for prosthetics.
- You will need IPA-activated palettes such as Skin Illustrator, Neill Gorton's palettes, MrDashbo, or other brands (