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··☆··★··☆··"Special Makeup Effects & Prosthetics - An essential guide for Beginners and Cosplayers" ··☆··★··☆·· is a book made for the newbie and for the cosplay fan, who wants to take the first steps into making their own prosthetics!


Are you interested in the amazing world of special effects and prosthetics? Are you wondering how can you make your own SFX and prosthetic appliances?
Then this is the book for you!

This book is tailored for the beginner, but also for the more experienced artist: it teaches you about materials, sculpting techniques, step-by-step guides on how to make prosthetics, and it also shows a variety of skin tones to work on and how to apply paint accordingly. 

This book was made by me, and everything you see in it is the hard work I put into it for the past 2 years!

★★★ DETAILS ★★★
I made this book, wanting to help people who might be interested in getting into special effects and prosthetics, but also for the experienced artist who wants to learn how to do SFX on a varied range of skin tones. 

I made the book by myself, Begoña "BB", I worked on it for the past 2 years! I did the layout, the graphic design, the text, all the photos, tutorials, makeups, makeup designs, and a long, etc! It couldn't be possible without my amazing models, and the people that proofread the book too (after you've been working on a book for 2 years, you keep missing typos! haha). 

Also, it's been printed in the UK by a local business. 

Special Makeup Effects & Prosthetics - An essential guide [...] Tutorial book

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